Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2021





January 28, 2021, 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Debbie Shell at 7:02pm

Roll call: Mark Hinds, Cami Farnworth, Wendy Briscoe, J.R. Farnsworth, Debbie Shell

The open meeting law was reviewed, with this official committee required to follow those rules.

Discussion was opened for goals and ideas on how to proceed (not listed in priority order, but as ideas came up during brainstorming session.

(The Committee was reminded that any official outreach from the District must be limited to education of the public and an encouragement to vote, but we cannot encourage patrons how to vote.)

  • Second letter to district patrons, educating them about the need for the levy funds (Debbie will share Roy’s ideas of what to include with the Committee) – to be sent mid-April and to identify what’s been accomplished, emphasizing successes; to identify areas for improvement; and to relate how critical the levy is for continued success and further improvements; develop bullet points to include in the letter

  • Facebook posts about the progress of NBFD in establishing a fire department, the many successes, and the need to build on that success

  • Email reminders to vote (using ~350 email addresses from previous town hall meetings)

  • Development of talking points that can assist commissioners, committee members, firefighters and others in how to best answer questions from District community members

  • Video of interview questions submitted to and answered by commissioners – to be posted on Department website and Facebook page.

  • Development of a calendar/timeframes to complete outreach projects

  • Possible open house for District residents, depending on rules for Covid-19 at that time – hopefully to held in early May

  • Revision and posting of banners used in previous levy election

  • PowerPoint presentation for posting on District website – explaining details of how levy is calculated, how the $500,000 amount was determined, how the levy compares to Pocatello and Chubbuck, etc., etc.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 25, 2021, 7:00pm, via Zoom

Motion for adjournment at 7:53pm by J.R Farnsworth; seconded by Mark Hinds. Motion passed.