The North Bannock Fire District was created by the Bannock County Commissioners in 1979 to provide fire services for unincorporated areas in North Bannock County; specifically on the west bench of Pocatello extending north of Chubbuck and around to Pocatello Creek on the east side of Pocatello.  Fire services includes fire prevention, suppression, and inspections.

Bannock County has seven fire districts (aka taxing districts):

North Bannock Fire

Fire Chief - Brian Curtis

444 E Chubbuck Rd

Chubbuck, ID  83202


Other fire districts in Bannock County:

Pocatello Valley Fire

Fire Chief - Karen Aguilar

8877 Cinnamon Ridge

Pocatello, ID  83204


Jackson Creek Fire

(Contract services by City of Inkom)

2407 N Pamela Dr

Inkom, ID  83245


McCammon Rural Fire

(Contract services by City of McCammon)

3470 S Marsh Creek Rd

McCammon, ID  83250


Downey Fire

Hwy 91

PO Box 243

Downey, ID  83234

Lava Rural Fire

(Contract services by City of Lava Hot Springs)

PO Box 431

Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246

Arimo Fire

PO Box 61

Arimo, ID  83214