Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2019, 7:00 PM



Location 13041 N Yellowstone Hwy & Tyhee Rd

September 17, 2019

The meeting was opened by Roy Allen at 7:15 PM

Roll Call: Roy Allen, Steve Klauser

Roy Allen explained that the subdistrict maps were recently discovered and revealed that Roy Allen and Bruce Savage were both in Subdistrict 1 and there was no commissioner for Subdistrict 2. There cannot be 2 commissioners from the same subdistrict. Therefore, itwas decided that Roy Allen should remain as the commissioner of Subdistrict 1 and Bruce Savage would resign his position. It was acknowledged that a person needed to be appointed for Subdistrict 2. Steve Klauser raised the issue as to whether Bruce Savage’s actions as commissioner had been legitimate. It was noted that there was only one vote (regarding the levy) that was not unanimous.

*Roy Allen moved that the agenda be approved. It was seconded by Steve Klauser. The motion passed unanimously.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT. PERSONNEL There has been a good response to the need for volunteer firefighters. Some will be driver/operators and captains. APPARATUS The department has purchased a fire engine from Bonneville County Fire District. It has a 2004 Kenworth chassis with a 1000-gallon tank. It has a few minor problems that will need to be addressed. It will have its annual pump test next week. A 2019 Ford F350 wildland brush truck with a 250-gallon tank has been purchased. It is still in production but is scheduled to arrive the week of the 23rd of September and will be fully equipped. The search for a water tender is still ongoing. There is one in Smithfield, Utah that should be available. The Smithfield council must approve its sale as a surplus item before it can be sold. COMMUNCIATIONS The department is working with Bannock County Dispatch to set up the communications system. The NBCFD fire department has its own control channel and is programmed with dispatch for paging. Ten portable radios and 16 pagers have been programmed and are ready for use. They will be using the Spotted Dog app. Three mobile radios have been ordered. EQUIPMENT A large amount of used equipment was donated. Much of it is not usable. Almost all the volunteers have Structural PPEs (personal protective equipment) but not all are within the 10-year NFPA standard. Ten sets of Wildland PPEs have arrived. Wildland shelters have been ordered. Six MSA Air packs to provide breathing protection have been purchased. A grant has been submitted to Firehouse Subs for 2 thermal imagers. OFFICE Station Square has provided a temporary office for the Fire Chief at no cost. Some basic furniture has been purchased. Among the items still needed are a laptop, phone system, computer server, internet service and desktop computer and monitor. UNIFORMS The crew has been given t-shirts and caps with the NBCFD logo. Dress uniforms are still needed. MEDICAL Grants have been received from the Hand Institute and Portneuf Medical Center for the purchase of AEDs, a defibrillator and medical supplies. FIRE STATION A spaghetti dinner is being planned by the NBCFD Firefighters Assn for October 1 as a fundraiser for the victims of the building collapse.

TRAINING OFFICER REPORT. Since July 17th 52 hours have been logged in training. There are 18-22 volunteers attending each training session. There are 35 on the training roster. There are 5 drivers for the engine. Additional training is planned for CPR/AEDs, SCBAs, captains and drivers. There is an 8-hour training for the full company on September 28th. The training schedule is every other Saturday morning and every Wednesday evening.

* Steve Klauser moved that the minutes be approved as amended. The motion was seconded by Roy Allen. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion was held as to whether the 2 command vehicles should be the personal vehicles of the Fire Chief and Assistant Chief or if the Fire District should purchase the vehicles. The latter option seemed preferred. A search will begin for a used SUV in the range of $20,000.

* Steve Klauser moved to authorize the purchase of 2 mobile radios for the command vehicles. The motion was seconded by Roy Allen. The motion passed unanimously. Three mobile radios have been previously authorized and ordered but will not be here before mid October. They are being purchased through the Sheriff’s Department.

The EXECUTIVE SESSION was then convened.

Roll Call: Roy Allen, Steve Klauser, Bruce Savage, Kevin Quick, June Heilman

There was discussion of the 2 candidates (Alan Curtis and Destry Wolbert) for the position of commissioner of Subdistrict 2.


The PUBLIC MEETING was reconvened.

* Roy Allen moved that New Business be addressed at this time. It was seconded by Steve Klauser. The motion passed unanimously.

* Steve Klauser moved to appoint Alan Curtis to be the commissioner for Subdistrict 2. The motion was seconded by Roy Allen. The motion passed unanimously.

Alan Curtis was then sworn in by the Secretary - June Heilman. He began participating in the meetingimmediately.

Fire Chief Farnsworth presented detailed information on the possible locations for the fire station. He had 5 properties that he considered adequate and had placed a value on each of them based on numerous factors.

*Alan Curtis moved that the property at 13763 N Yellowstone Avenue owned by Robert Taylor be utilized as the fire station. The motion was seconded by Roy Allen. Roy Allen and Alan Curtis voted in favor and Steve Klauser abstained. The motion passed.

A lease agreement is to be drawn up by Fire Chief Farnsworth and presented to the commissioners. There is no lease payment due for the property. Roy Allen suggested a letter be sent to the owner indicating the donation of the property for the use of the department with a value of $1800 per month.

* Roy Allen moved to authorize the payment of the following invoices. The motion was seconded by Alan Curtis. The motion passed unanimously.

Weidner Fire (fire hooks) $442.04


Blaze Sign & Graphic (vehicle decals)$661

Johnson Welding Inc (brush truck)$12,000

Idaho State Publishing (ad for commissionervacancy)$14.46

Day Wireless (5 pagers)$7,485.50

Intermountain Self Storage (storage shed)$89.03

Curtis Tools (firefighting equipment)$31,035.26

North Ridge Fire Equipment (wildland firefighting equipment)$2,443.19

Norco (oxygen tanks)$262.64

ICRMP (Workman’s Comp insurance)$721.50

Day Wireless System (radio programming)$260

SLT Graphics (t-shirts, polo shirts, caps)$1,756

Ellis Equipment Co (firefighting equipment)$3,149

White & Peterson (attorneys)$845

Steve Riley (meeting room rental)$50

Fuel (fire truck)$80.10

Costco (subscription)$120

Office Max (office supplies)$134.27

JR Farnsworth (office desk)$50

Costco (office furniture)$185.46

USPS (post office box – 13 months)$134

* Roy Allen moved to acquire credit cards with Connections or ICCU depending on the rates. The motion was seconded by Steve Klauser. The motion passed unanimously.

There was a discussion regarding the donated items. Only 10 of the approximately 50 donated turnouts were usable. This has an approximate value of $50,000. Ten of the 20 donated SCBAs were usable. The value was about $60,000.

There was a brief discussion of the need for bylaws but no action was taken.

* Roy Allen moved to purchase the water tender in Smithfield, Utah at a maximum price of $80,000. The motion was seconded by Steve Klauser. The motion passed unanimously.

Fire Chief Farnsworth indicated they still need to purchase about $20,000 worth of equipment. The treasurer is to determine if there are sufficient fundsavailable this year for purchase of this equipment.

The next meeting will be on September 30th.

* Roy Allen moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Alan Curtis. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectively submitted,

June Heilman, Secretary