Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2019, 7:00 PM


North Bannock Fire District

Fire Commissioners Quarterly Meeting

Location: Red Lion Hotel, 1155 Pocatello Creek Rd, Pocatello, Idaho

May 21, 2019

Present: Commissioners: Roy Allen, Bruce Savage*, Kevin Quick (alternate)

Excused: Steve Klauser, Kristi Klauser (alternate)

(* = created minutes)

Call to order 7:02 pm

    1. Introduction and welcome by R. Allen. Brief introduction on the history of the fire district. Past service by Chubbuck City and overview of the services.

    2. Approval of the minutes. Two sets of meeting minutes were approved. Special meetings on March 26, 2019 & April 23, 2019. Savage moves approve minutes. 2nd. Vote was unanimous.

    3. Bills were discussed. Vote was taken from April 23, 2019 to approve bills for the meeting. Voted to reimburse costs (room rental, equipment, quarterly reimbursement and fire inspections.)

    4. Website, email and facebook addresses were posted on the screen. Allan Curtis volunteered to create and maintain the website/facebook page. Website: email:

    5. Current status. R. Allen discussed the current status of fire suppression. Mentioned the proposal tendered by the Mayor of Chubbuck $349,000. Fort Hall offered $220,000 for the top 1/3 of the district. District has had discussion with City of Pocatello but so far no agreement has been reach. Also discussed the levy rate. How only a 3% increase is possible under state law. Forgone can be collected as well but it is relatively small.

    6. Presentation by K. Quick.

      1. Presented the current tax revenue.

      2. What is allowed with 3% increase and foregone balance. Max allowable levy.

      3. Showed an example of the county property tax and how much is fire protection.

      4. An attendee stood and requested an impromptu vote on whether or not attendees would vote for a levy increase. It appeared that 2/3 of the attendees voted yes.

    7. Tax Levy. An emergency

      1. Savage – moved to declare that we are in a state of emergency. Allen 2nd.

Vote was unanimous.

      1. R. Allen provided additional information on what the special election will allow us to do. However, the fire district will need to pay for the election.

    1. Open forum – comment and questions

      1. Attendee’s provided comments/opinion on direction of fire district

      2. Asked questions/clarifications about presentation

Adjourn: Savage moved, Allen 2nd, Unanimous. 9:20 pm.