Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2019, 7:00 PM


North Bannock County Fire District

Location: 13041 N. Yellowstone Hwy & Tyhee Rd (old church building), Pocatello ID

June 11, 2019 @ 7 PM

Meeting opened by Roy Allen, President @ 7 PM

Roll call: Commissioners - Roy Allen, Bruce Savage, Steve Klauser

Bill Punkoney of White, Peterson, Gigray & Nichols, P.A. law firm (by phone) for discussion of levy.

He reviewed the status of the Fire District and the need to develop our own fire department. Since the Fire District has insufficient funds, it is necessary to raise the property taxes. The property value of the Fire District is about $280 Million based on last year’s numbers and doesn’t include new construction. If we take the .0024% allowed, we would have about $674,000 available to the district. Since about $164,000 is the amount the district would have available with the 3% increase, we will need to raise another $500,000 by the special levy. The law firm has prepared a resolution stating the emergency and need for the levy. Two ballots have also been prepared. The shorter version will probably be preferred by the Election Board. There will be no cost to the Fire District for the election.


*Motion by R. Allen and seconded by S. Klauser to approve Resolution No. 2019-01 which acknowledges the state of emergency in the Fire District and calls for a Special Emergency Levy Election to increase the Fire District’s Property Tax Levy Revenues up to $500,000 for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 and Fiscal Year 2020-2021 beyond the amount authorized by Idaho Code 63-802 (1)(a). (A copy of the Resolution is attached to the minutes.) The motion passed unanimously.

The secretary and the board president will hand carry the Resolution to the Election Board on June 12th and obtain an acknowledgement of receipt.

*Motion by B. Savage and seconded by R. Allen to approve the minutes as corrected of the June 7, 2019 meeting. The amended budget is to be attached to the minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

A discussion was held regarding the job advertisement for the fire chief. The advertisement is to be placed on the website by B. Savage as soon as possible.

*Motion by S. Klauser and seconded by B. Savage to place on the agenda of the Executive Session of the June 21, 2019 meeting a discussion of whether the fire chief should be an employee or a contractor. The motion passed unanimously.

It is requested that the attorney’s opinion be obtained on this matter. It was noted that the Lava Hot Springs employs its fire chief. A discussion is to be held at the next Executive Committee regarding the hiring process.

New Business

*Motion by S. Klauser and seconded by R. Allen to free the $170,000 allocated for airdrops of fire retardant and place in the reserves for the new fire department. The motion passed unanimously.

A public outreach committee has been formed to inform/educate the residents of the Fire District of the need for the levy. The committee members are Kevin Quick, Wendy Briscoe and Jen Scow.

*Motion by R. Allen and seconded by B. Savage to allocate $3500 from the Misc. line item of the budget to the Public Outreach Committee to educate and inform the public of the levy and the fire department. The motion passed unanimously.

*Motion by R. Allen and seconded by B. Savage to pay the law firm of White, Peterson, Gigray & Nichols PA. $767.50. The motion passed unanimously.

The need for an accountant and bookkeeper was briefly discussed. Kristi Klauser was to compile a list of potential accountants/bookkeepers and make a recommendation to the board as to which one she would recommend. .

R. Allen mentioned that FAQs (frequently asked questions) are being developed. Any input would be appreciated.

R. Allen presented information obtained from a presentation to the committee of Roy Allen, Kevin Quick, Wendy Briscoe and June Heilman by Bancorp, which is bank involved in financing of government entities for purchasing or leasing equipment. They have extensive experience particularly with police departments including with the Bannock County Sheriff’s Department. They have made an initial offer of a used fire truck, water tender, and new brush truck plus all of the personal fire fighter gear for 15 fire fighters for $110,000 a year for 4 years.

There was input throughout the meeting from the public in attendance.

*Motion by S. Klauser and seconded by B. Savage to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

June Heilman, Secretary