Levy Calculator

Instructions: Type in your taxable value* of your property into the "Input" field.

*Idaho has a homeowner's exemption equal to the lesser of 50% of the assessed value or $100,000 for owner-occupied homes and manufactured homes that are primary dwellings. The exemption applies to your home and up to one acre of land.


  1. If you live in a home where the assessed value is $100,000, your taxable value is $50,000.

  2. If your assessed value is $200,001; your exemption would max out at $100,000 and therefore your taxable value would be $100,001.

You should be able to find your assessed value on the county's parcel viewer, though sometimes the data isn't populated for some reason. In which case, contact the county assessor's office.

(Calculator is best viewed from a desktop computer)